For not-for-profit organizations using 
The Raiser’s Edge® fundraising software.

Expert guidance, training, database management and outsourced services 
“It’s not a donor database, it’s our donor database.”  As a development professional, every day you do your very best … to support your mission through building relationships with your constituents and achieving your financial goals.
A key component to your success is the good and proper use of technology, including a records system, such as a donor database. Beyond a contact file or a transactional record, your donor database is a “relational database” in that your constituents are linked to their relationships, including spouse, employer and other records such as gifts, appeals, funds, and campaigns.
We’ll help you to use technology to make your constituent relationships more meaningful, and more successful, with you communicating with each individual in your community based on the type of relationship you have with them, and how they prefer to give.

At RightTrack Solutions, we understand that getting the best results out of your donor database can be challenging, especially when you need to do something new, or something better.  Plus, this challenge always seems to arise when you are working on a tight schedule, and without the staffing, you would ideally like to have. When using The Raiser’s Edge system, it is important to have Solutions, and therefore to know the “why’s” about where to put your data, and how to get it back out.

We help many nonprofit organizations to be more successful—both with guidance and an extra helping hand to get things done.  We help to ensure that your goals are met.  We help Foundations and other organizations:

This will allow us to evaluate your organization’s situation, needs, and goals – and then recommend a customized a program for you. 
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