Q: What type of organization is RightTrack Solutions?
A: RightTrack Solutions is a consulting and services business that helps not-for-profit organizations to get the best out of their donor database, primarily The Raiser’s Edge®.

Q: Is there a connection between RightTrack Solutions and Blackbaud?
A: RightTrack Solutions is an independent company.

Q: What if I am using another database?
A: RightTrack will consult with you to assist you in your move to The Raiser’s Edge.  Challeges and unknowns may deter you or cause you to have questions. RightTrack Solutions will help you to make this a successful move.

Q: What if I have several databases, or have been operating in a decentralized way?
A: RightTrack Solutions has helped organizations to centralize their various databases, to allow remote and centralized operations to co-exist, and/or simply to merge databases into one operating entity.

Q: How do I know if RightTrack Solutions is right for me and my organization?
A: We will meet with you to understand your situation, needs and goals. We will then offer our opinion on what options will work best for you. It’s a good idea to ask around when making any important decision. 
We will supply references with client contacts to help you in this process.  Contact Us