Your organization is developing funds and connecting people to international causes, such as economic development and disaster relief.
To be successful, you need to embrace the diverse ways that people wish to connect and to give.

Keys to success with The Raiser’s Edge donor database

How many of our online donors are becoming more engaged?

Which appeals have been successful based on gifts received?

Is there a way to customize the system for our data entry and display preferences?

RightTrack Solutions helps you with consulting, training and outsource services.

Understanding the best ways to support your processes and goals 

  • Addressing immediate needs in your fiscal year, such as and end-of-year appeal.
  • Discussing how you operate today, and what changes you need to make, i.e. processes.  You may need to make them consistent across many locations.
  • Selecting the right database solution based on your situation, needs and goals – such as having local information roll up centrally for reporting and analysis.
  • Migrating databases, whether from Access, Excel or a donor database.
  • Consulting on how a new system will interoperate with existing databases.
  • Knowing when and how to use optional modules, such as the Membership module. Volunteers may be a significant part of your mission.
  • Deciding on how the organization will set up tables and use features consistently.  This may be a challenge given current diverse practices vs. desired ones.
  • Writing or updating policies and procedures (included in RightTrack Solutions training program).
  • Training, consulting and assistance – both initial and ongoing.

Setting up the constituent database

  • Coding constituents – As discussed above: Board, Staff, Members, Volunteers, Friends – individual and organizational.
  • Segmenting constituents, based on levels of giving, or other factors that you determine.

Getting the most of of your development programs

  • Stewarding constituents – over the long term – such as community donors and members.
  • Cultivating constituents, especially keeping in touch with those who gave due to an event.
  • Setting up campaigns, funds and appeals.
  • Leading Capital Campaigns, such as a new performing center.
  • Growing the Annual Fund to sustain operations – costs are rising for operations and for talented staff.
  • Establishing or growing a major gifts program.
  • Sending out packages to constituents – for appeals, such as an end-of-year appeal.
  • Managing events – these may be educational in nature, and provide great development opportunities by building affinity with the community.
  • Recognition, such as different levels of donors, or dedication of new facilities.
  • Setting up a Recurring Gift Program, so that Staff can give monthly.
  • Supporting Matching Gifts.  Many employers are globally minded.
  • Entering and acknowledging pledges and gifts in a timely manner.
  • Supporting naming opportunities, such as a new education facility.
  • Offering online giving, through any of various secure web portals.
  • Managing gifts of property, such as stocks or real estate.
  • Accepting Gifts in Kind.
  • Acknowledging donor gifts with timely Thank You’s.
  • Encouraging Planned Giving, such as Life Insurance or Bequests.
  • Supporting donors who sponsor aspects of your organization.

Monitoring and reporting

  • Monitoring progress through dashboards – check the status of the Annual Fund – Unrestricted, and the Restricted Fund, and the Capital Campaign, at a glance.
  • Exporting data for analysis and sharing – to finance and other departments.
  • Reporting such as giving by constituent segment, or for the Annual Report.

Integrating The Raiser’s Edge with other systems

  • Integrating with The Financial Edge.
  • Integrating with other systems and databases.

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