“It’s not a donor database, it’s our donor database.” 
In fact, we understand that you are stewarding and responsible for your donor’s assets, which benefit your community. This is why we begin by sitting down with you to understand your situation.
We ask you questions
What is your mission?  Who are your people? What are your goals? How are things going?  How did you do last year?  How will you do this year? What is important to you right now?  What do you need to do with your donor database?  What is your experience level?
Then we recommend, explain and discuss solutions with you. And whether these solutions are you doing the work, or RightTrack Solutions doing the work, it is always a joint effort based on your situation, goals and needs.  You really need to be empowered as much as possible to be more productive.
All levels of development professional
You may be brand new to development, or a seasoned professional.  Likewise, you may be new to The Raiser’s Edge® or experienced in parts or all of the system.  Most people know some, and then as they learn what the system can do for them, say “Wow! You don’t know what you don’t know!”

We help you with:

    • Choosing a donor database, including its optional modules and services.
    • Updating or changing your donor database system, such as versions or modules.
    • Implementing a new donor database or modules—much goes into deciding how to set up the database.
    • Project managing anything related to your donor database.
    • Customizing the donor database to fit your mission and operations.
    • Interfacing to other systems, including financial and educational, such as The Financial Edge and The Education Edge. This ensures that data and processes are consistent across systems and departmentsso that for example, reporting numbers match up.
    • Converting from one or more database, spreadsheets or other records.
    • Centralizing your database from separate regions or offices, so that you can access your data economically and effectively.
    • Database Analysis and Cleanup to serve as a solid basis for all nonprofit operations, including reporting.
    • Performing database repair and restoration when you have a corrupt database.
    • Educating staff with customized Training and Workshops to enable your staff to be more successful.
    • Writing and using Policies and Procedures to achieve desired experiences and outcomes.
    • Running Standard Reports such as monthly Status, Fiscal Year to Date, Comparison reports, Top Donors
    • Creating Reports and Dashboards based on how you need to analyze and report your data.
    • Implementing Process Improvement to create the best ways to meet your mission with your database.
    • Processing of donor records data to get work done, on a one-time basis, periodically or on a recurring schedule.
  • Segmenting the Donor Database
  • Integrating Wealth Screening Reports
  • Updating Membership
  • Planning for the Annual Fund
  • Initiating and Tracking Planned Giving
  • Tracking Tributes and Memorials
  • Managing Major Gifts
  • Recognizing Donors
  • Publishing Annual Donor Reports
  • Establishing a Recurring Gift Program
  • Managing Volunteers
  • Processing Appeals
  • Sending out Pledge Reminders
  • Doing Gift Entry and Acknowledgement Letters
  • Running an Employee Campaign
  • Updating  records for Event Management
  • Performing Records Management (example: constituent updates)

 The best way to begin is with our Free One-hour Consultation. 

Contact: Laura Clary 401-632-2148.