Comprehensive outsourcing services

Our clients say that outsourcing enables your organization to focus less on processing and more on relationship building and fundraising results. 
RightTrack Solutions’ outsourcing services provide qualified, well-trained professionals working on-site or off-site (using secure remote access technologies and personnel who have had background checks).  
10 ways outsourcing can help you

1. Get to your immediate goal – whether this is a key appeal such as a mailing, or creating an accurate Annual Report, without the staff who did the last one.

2. Address any issues identified in the Training process – that will set you up for a solid future.

3. Clean up, migrate or merge the database and keep the quality up for key programs, such as a major capital campaign.

4. Handle heavy workloads such as events or the end-of-year crunch gift entry and reporting – in a timely manner. You might be saying, “Things are a bit crazy here….”

5. Work through staff transitions, such as an employee who is on leave, or training the new staff.

6. Support development while your offices are moving or in the case of a disaster there.

7. Expand to handle growth, before full-time personnel are justified.

8. Introduce and support using new technology or processes with experts who then train your personnel and/or continue to support you in parallel.

9. Bring in experienced personnel in a “rush” when needed.

10. Give you an “insurance policy” as one client says it – in that you know we are always here to help you.

How the Debit Account works
We understand that your focus needs to be on your constituents, so the easier we can make this process better. 
This is why we developed the Debit Account program. Your organization can contract for 5 – 40 hours per week, depending on your goals and needs, or deposit dollars into a debit account to be used for any of our services. 
You can then “bank” unused hours/dollars – for use during a heavier than normal work-load period, or they can be converted and used to cover other services offered by RightTrack Solutions. 
These services include, but are not limited to, The Raiser’s Edge® consulting, training, database management and outsourced services.
All work will be completed to your specifications and returned to you in a timely manner. 
In the event of an unexpected “rush” job request, such as when you unexpectedly short on staff, we will assign as many of our associates as needed and do our best to ensure your deadline is met.
What should you consider outsourcing?
Outsourcing Projects
Constituent Records Management Keeping your database up to date – as the basis for effective appeals, reports and all development activities.

  • Adding new constituents properly based on procedures
  • Flagging records for appeals or reports
  • Address changes, including multiple addresses
  • Relationship change
Gift Entry and Acknowledgement Letters Entering gifts so that donors get their Thank You’s in a timely manner, and so that you have accurate, up-to-date reports for Board meetings.

  • Processing donations
  • Prepare donor acknowledgement letters 
Queries and Mail Merge To build complex queries, when necessary, to pull information out of your database for mailings.

  • Targeted Appeal processing
  • Pledge reminders
  • Membership cards
  • Labels 
Reports Take advantage of The Raiser’s Edge standard reports, which are powerful, selectable and repeatable for many of your needs, vs. building queries.

  • Monthly status
  • Fiscal year to date
  • Comparison reports – year over year
  • Top donors – Giving Reports or Profiles for meetings

              ( and more)

Segmenting Segment your database to appeal to your constituents

with a personal and direct approach. 

  • Focused packages you can send to the Board, major donors, online donors, screened prospects, etc.
  • Targeted lists for phone-a-thons.
Recognition Categorize your donor listing for all publications:

  • Annual Donor Reports
  • Capital Campaign donor listings
  • Donor listing for program books.
Database Cleanup RightTrack Solutions will work with you to develop and prioritize a cleanup plan and implement changes. 

  • Constituent records
  • System tables
  • Campaigns, Funds and Appeals
  • Packages
  • Home Page
  • Dashboard Panels
  • Favorite Reports
Database Management In managing your database, RightTrack will:

  • Perform routine maintenance checks to ensure maximum performance
  • Help you to set up groups with different access to your database, such as view only, or update
  • Work with your staff to ensure best utilization of the system. 
Contact: Laura Clary 401-632-2148.