Consultative Training

As development professionals using The Raiser’s Edge® every day, and as professionals who have your best interest at heart, we ask questions to deliver the best possible training. 
“What?” you say.  “Don’t you just flip us through the training manual?” You will receive training by professionals with extensive expertise and experience in The Raiser’s Edge® donor database, plus development and fundraising. 
We visit your offices, and/or we welcome you to our Training Center (pictured).

We begin with our training curriculum – based on more than 10 years in The Raiser’s Edge training – and, knowing your organization from any prior discussions or work, we then ask you questions throughout the training, in order to recommend and implement answers, so you can use your database to its best potential.  As part of training, we also prepare and go through with you, specific procedures that you can use on the job with your donor database. Plus, we are always available for remedial assistance when things become challenging.

We often find that while working through the training, it becomes clear that our client also needs to have a database analysis and cleanup.  Or, that they are short-staffed, and could use assistance in gift entry or reports.  RightTrack delivers comprehensive Solutions in the form of services – on-site or outsourced – to compliment our client-focused training.
Contact: Glenn Burdett 585-319-0097.
“It’s not a donor database, it’s our donor database”
RightTrack Solutions works with you to design a program that is customized to best meet your needs. We are flexible to your needs and timeframes to accomplish the program in building blocks. 
Working on your own database, our trainer brings real life situations and opportunities to light-all to maximize user satisfaction, your return on investment and your fundraising performance.
Add to our method, our experience and expertise in the development arena, which will give you an extra edge.  Our interactive training includes valuable fundraising tips and methods to enhance your performance.

The How. Plus: Why, What, Where, When, and Who?

During training, we will help you to tailor your database to best suit your fundraising model – from setting up constituent codes properly, to maximizing results with solicitors, to generating winning reports for the Annual Report.  
Beyond the “how” to use the database part, we start with the “why’s” for doing putting data into your database this way or that, plus “what” this data looks like, the “where’s” of places for putting this data into your database which is best, the “when” time that this should happen, and the “who” should be doing it.
RightTrack Solutions delivers other services to get the work done of managing a donor database
It is in our DNA to offer and deliver, as desired, services beyond education and guidance.  See our Solutions.
Training Program Benefits:
1. Our independent, fresh approach yields results
New to The Raiser’s Edge® system?  Let us get you started properly with your new database. Already a user?  We bring an independent, fresh approach.

2. Meet and exceed your financial goals

Through our comprehensive approach, you are more likely to meet and exceed your relationship building and fundraising goals.
3. Reach constituents with segmenting
Communicate to your constituents as personas and individuals by learning how to segment your database for more effective fundraising activities.
4. Build confidence in your team
Empower your staff with the knowledge and early success they need to have many great years.
5. One-stop for solutions
You will receive insightful, relevant training that will get results.
We provide you with a tailored procedure manual as part of your training.
Plus, with both parties knowing each other, RightTrack Solutions and you will discuss additional services as needed by you and as desired by you.  This will bring you better results, faster and more reliably.