Database Analysis and Cleanup

With visibility and confidence in your donor database, everything seems easier.
With the best use of your donor database, you meet or exceed your goals.
The “without” side is not nearly as good.
Without confidence in your donor database, you’ve got trouble.
  • Simple mailings can cause complaints from donors. 
  • Running queries and reports can become an impossible task. 
  • When running a query for financial data that must go to the Board of Directors, and into the financial system.

The awkward moments can be endless – and hope is not a strategy.

Because we have lived through this ourselves, we have created a process to analyze, cleanup and setup your Raiser’s Edge®  donor database, allowing you to process reports and mailings without frustration.  Plus, for your information and our accountability, you receive a “report of findings” and you will approve all changes before they occur.
It can be very frustrating working with a database that is not setup properly.  It may be due to a conversion from another database, or it may be due to lack of proper training.  Sometimes it is just inherited.  Whatever the case, it does not need to stay that way!

Steps for

Database Analysis and Cleanup

Step 1  Analysis of Database

Perform database analysis and create detailed report for you.

Off-site Project 
Step 2  Report of Findings

Email database analysis report to you for review and schedule an on-site meeting to review findings.


We highlight the priorities for you. These priorities need cleanup first to prevent further problems with mailings and reports.

Off-site Project 
Step 3 Approval Process

Meet with you on-site, or in a web meeting, to review the database analysis report and get your approval to make changes.

On-site Project 
Step 4 Cleanup is Done

Begin and complete the database cleanup in accordance with the deadline approved by you.


We also collaborate with you on housekeeping tools and rules, so that your database stays in excellent shape going forward.

Off-site Project 

Contact: Laura Clary 401-632-2148.